Personal trainer Fred Brandt of Fusion-Fitness, has changed my life. I am much stronger and more fit than I was previously. I am a two-time Cancer survivor and have a chronic nerve condition. I have not been able to exercise for years. Fred trained me little by little until I gradually gained strength and endurance. My favorite type of exercise is boxing. Fred gives me private lessons at a real boxing ring. Boxing is the most fun I have ever had. It is also the best exercise you can imagine. Fred motivates me to run that extra mile,  push an extra ten pounds on the leg press, do a thousand jumping jacks in the pool. Fred can take you to the gym or come to your house to train. I highly recommend you hire Fred Brandt to be your personal trainer.

Kris G

Going to Fred at Fusion Fitness is my first experience with a personal trainer, and I have to say that I am not disappointed. I have gained so much strength over the past few months of working with him. I can see definition in muscles I didn’t even know existed! He makes each workout fun while still pushing you to your limit. I am not even going to pretend I was able to walk after the first few sessions. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, I am sure Fred could teach you a thing or two. Especially with the TRX. I highly recommend Fred, and his awesome new gym, to friends whenever the topic of personal trainers comes up. Not only because he is fun, flexible and effective but also because he is very affordable. I highly recommend heading over and checking out Fusion, and talking with Fred.

Adrianna F.

I have been working out or training since high school. I was even a personal trainer for a few years and studied nutrition and sports medicine in college. I would consider myself above average when it comes to the understanding the aspects of fitness and training. Even with my background and years of experience, I knew that if I wanted to take my training to the next level, I needed to hire a personal trainer. I have known Fred Brandt for a few years but had not seen him in a while. When I told him what I wanted and how I was not getting their on my own, we sat down, talked about setting some goals and trying TRX, boxing and a few other techniques I had not used. We are about 5 weeks into my training, and I am feeling amazing, I am working muscles I did not know I had, my cardio is getting better, even with my asthma, and I am looking better and feeling better. I plan to continue my training with Fred at Fusion Fitness, because he has helped me to advance further in the last few weeks, than I had done in several months on my own. Fred has the knowledge to help you get past the plateaus, listens to what you tell him and adjusts work out when necessary, and is a great motivator to get you in the gym, and keep you striving to get better. Thanks for everything Fred see you in the gym this week.

Gary MFusion Fitness Devotee

I have been going to Fusion Fitness and working with Fred for a couple months now and it has been amazing. I have tried other workouts, diets, and just plain jogging on my own and this has been by far the best I have felt in years. I am getting stronger, improving my endurance and working towards my goals while feeling great. Fred makes workouts fun and affordable. He pushes you in a very encouraging manner and makes me want to go further each session. He really knows how to work individually with each person, make them feel important and focus specifically on their goals while keep the workouts new and exciting. I would recommend Fred to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chassity T.

Working with Fred has been a great experience. He works with me and my girlfriend and even though we are at different fitness levels he makes sure we both get a great workout and makes sure to focus on both of us and the areas we want to improve on. He makes workouts fun and keeps us both motivated and encouraged throughout the hour.

Kevin D.

After being a member at 24 Hour Fitness for the past I don’t know how many years, I have tried it all. Cardio, resistance, classes, personal training, you name it. Over the years, I have had varying levels of success but never so much as when I started going to fitness classes at Fusion Fitness. Later I started training with Brad. Brad is an excellent personal trainer. To be honest, most of the trainers that I have met there are pretty fantastic. With Brad, I have achieved fitness levels that I never dreamed I was even capable of.Now I can hardly bring myself to step back through the doors of 24 Hr. Once you start going to Fusion Fitness Academy, you won’t want to go back to your old gym either!

April O.

Love the whole group at Fusion. I train with Jeremy and take Fred’s boxing class. They make you feel so welcome, and empowered you to live a healthier lifestyle. Extremely comfortable environment and all around a great group of trainers with a down to earth attitude. I won’t be going anywhere else!!

Daniela D.

Love this place! Great trainers that work with you toward your personal goals!

Charlotte R.

Very knowledgeable trainers who know what they are talking about.

Adam A.

Love this gym and the awesome trainers and atmosphere.

Julie L.

Love the boxing workout and Fred is a GREAT instructor!

Jean P.