Meet the Trainers

Your success is our goal, so if you are looking to improve your workout routines with a seasoned pro, check out our affordable personal training packages. Single sessions are also available if you just need some professional advice on taking your own workouts to the next level.

To learn more about our personal trainers, or to schedule a class or consultation, please give us a call at (916) 789-7010  or use our contact form.

Fred Brandt: Owner – Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

My name is Fred Brandt and I am the founder and owner of Fusion Fitness. I have a lifelong passion of living and promoting health and fitness within the community. In 2010 I decided to dedicate myself full time to providing health and fitness training and guidance to the people I serve. I am certified as a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, corrective exercise specialist, boxing instructor, TRX instructor and have a lot of experience in the gym. I have been boxing for many years and enjoy teaching others the skill. I am no stranger to injury either. I underwent neck fusion in 2010 and know what it is like to work around an injury and get yourself back into shape. I have worked with a broad spectrum of clients from the young, elderly, elite athlete to someone who has never picked up a dumbbell before. I use my years of experience and knowledge base to develop a health and fitness plan that is best for you.

Sarah Cortez: Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

Do you have a goal? Are you motivated, hard-working and already aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Are you a weekend warrior, wanting to stay active without injury or a competitive athlete, wanting to train and condition for the next level? My goal as a personal trainer is to optimize the health, training and competition performance of every client I train. I have found that the endeavors that I have set my mind/body and heart to, have always guided me towards athletic training/fitness training as a profession. I earned a full athletic scholarship to Weber State where I played 4 years of NCAA Division 1 Soccer and simultaneously earned my degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance with and Emphasis in Athletic Training and a Minor in Teaching and Coaching.

Those intense, exciting and physically demanding years took me places and helped me make connections that I cherish to this day. However, those years also took a toll on my body. Even with all the training, knowledge, and experience I had acquired during those college years, sometimes accidents happen, accidents that set you back a few paces. In my case, I found myself fresh out of college with a great education, memories of NCAA tournament appearances, and a degree in my hand; I also found myself heading to a pre-op appointment with a spine surgeon. Yes, I was damaged. My physical body was not able to do what I had always come to expect of it. This was not only physically painful, but it hurt emotionally and mentally. I had suffered my fair share of ankle injuries and knee issues and shoulder issues over the years, and always seemed too tough-through them or rehab my way to the next competition. Spinal Surgery was a whole different issue. Since then I have come to realize that exercise and fitness improves one’s lifestyle from a physical, mental, and emotional standpoint. It is something that can always be taken to another level and it has many facets. As individuals, we each require different programs to help us reach our own specific goals and I am prepared to guide you along the way. I specialize in developing training programs for athletic performance enhancement, such as:

Athletic Offseason Training – focusing on Strength, Endurance, Conditioning, Resistance, and Core Work.
Athletic In Season Training – focusing on Speed, Agility, Core, and maintaining overall Strength and Endurance.

General/Personalized Training – strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, resistance training, mental preparedness (including goal setting), and nutrition.

Reisha Allen: Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. My circuit style Bootcamp Class combines weight training, cardiovascular fitness, and, most important, FUN in order to challenge my clients and help them meet their fitness goals.

Mandy Nash – Personal Trainer

Why I am a personal trainer: I have a natural desire to share my passion of health and fitness with those around me. My passion and education, has given me the ability to help my clients not only change their bodies, but change their mindset about who they are and what they can do.

Specialties: I help women and men between the ages of 20-80, achieve their body composition goals. Through proper nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset, I help clients achieve and sustain a happy, healthier lifestyle.

Certifications: Precision Nutrition L1 Certified. ACSM-CPT. NASM-CPT. BS in Health Promotion. First Aid & CPR Certified.

Mandy Nash
Author. Personal Trainer. Nutrition Coach

Greg Merritt: Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

I fell into the same trap that a lot of people go through of working like crazy and neglecting my health. Luckily for me, things got bad enough that I decided to make a change before it was too late. I learned first hand what a huge difference exercise and proper nutrition can make on your life. I don’t believe in giving people false promises of overnight success. I have experience training all ages, sexes, and fitness levels. Every clients goals are different, but creating a strong foundation of the basics in strength, flexibility, and endurance allows my clients not only succeed in the short term but the long term as well. I create programs that show that you’re not limited by what you can’t do, but empowered by what you CAN do.

Montique Williams: Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2005 and have since helped hundreds of people get into the best shape of their lives. My straight forward approach to nutrition and exercise has enabled me to coach everyone from athletes to grandmothers.

I am able to combine my education and experience as a multi-sport athlete to help people at all levels safely and effectively reach their health and fitness goals. When I am not in the gym, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my wife and kids hiking, biking and finding new ways to stay fit and healthy.

Kelly Holderfield: Personal Trainer – Group Instructor

Certifications:  NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer /  Group Fitness Instructor / PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Specialties:  KIME HPI Kettlebells for Optimum Movement / TRX CPT Functional Training

Formerly at 230 lbs, I am still my own work in progress, it is along this path I am able to pass on to others what I have learned. Through several years of fitness experience I have enjoyed helping people grow, learn and find their direction. We all have the ability to overcome our obstacles and I am here to help. Success is found outside of the comfort zone. Setting a goal is the first step to moving forward. Don’t be afraid to dream big and envision yourself already there! Live as if you have already reached your goals and nothing can get in your way.